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Pancake Day at Kassia Clanfield

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Event notes:

Cost – from £4.50

Location – Drift Road, Clanfield

Free parking outside


Event details:

  • Location: Kassia
  • Fee: From £4.5
  • Date: 28th February 2017
  • Time: 17:30 onwards
  • Organiser: Tia
  • Categories: Events, Clanfield, Shops, Pubs & Restaurants

Pancake  Day at Kassia Clanfield

 Don't fancy cooking your own pancakes this year? Get down to the Kassia Clanfield on Tuesday 28 February from 5.30pm!


We have a wide selection of toppings and flavours available, from Banoffee to cookies and cream or just traditional lemon juice and sugar.  And of course all served with ice-cream and prices start at £4.50


So relax on Pancake Day and let the Kassia, Clanfield look after you with a range of delicious pancakes. 

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