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The Clanfield Practice - Care Quality Commission Report - UPDATE

  • Author: Dee Lloyd Payne
  • Published: 10th January 2017
  • Categories: News, Clanfield, Health & Wellbeing

Statement from the practice re the CQC  report and the Petersfield Post reports:-


An article in the Clanfield Post stated "Bosses at an East Hampshire surgery that "Requires Improvement" have criticised inspectors for basing some of their findings on old data". 

The Practice advised the Clanfield Post that this was an incorrect statement and have requested that they issue an amendment. 

The Practice did go back to the CQC to ask if they would consider using more current data as it was felt that this would give a more accurate reflection of the current practice team.  We were advised that at the time of the visit this was the only data available to them as the more recent data at that time was unverified.  Other surgeries reports had also been based on the 14/15 data so it was felt to be fair. The Practice accepted this response.   

Details about the report:-

In September 2016 The Clanfield Practice was assessed by the Care Quality Commission.  Please see the link to the report and the response from The Clanfield Practice.

Please share with family and friends in the area. 

Link to Report:-

Practice Responce:-


Response to CQC rating – December 2016 

The Practice was rated “good” in the following areas:

  •  Are services caring?
  • Are services responsive to people’s needs?

 We feel this rating reflects the hard work our team puts into providing good patient care.

 The areas where the CQC inspector felt that the Practice needed to improve were:

  •  “Ensure all staff receive appropriate training to carry out their role.  In particular safeguarding, infection control and basic life support in accordance with practice policy.”

 The Practice has now signed up to the Blue Stream Academy training resource.  This will enable us to keep more effective and accurate records of the teams mandatory training and to ensure any outstanding training is completed within the designated time frame. 

  •  “Ensure that clinical audits are undertaken regularly to demonstrate clinical learning and development”

 Although the GP’s have participated in a number of clinical audits throughout the year there has not been a formal clinical audit programme in place.  This is in the process of being introduced so each GP can participate in their own audits and the results discussed with the other GP’s at a Practice meeting.

  •  Quality and Outcomes Framework data for 2014/2015 was used to rate the Practice with regards to services being effective.  This data shows the Practice as lower than average in most areas but there has been a dramatic improvement in 2015/2016 data since introducing a named QOF lead GP.  If the CQC could have had access to more current data at the time of the visit, the Practice would have been likely to have received and a “good” rating in a number of areas.

 By acting on these 3 improvement areas, the Practice should be in a position to achieve an overall “good” rating in the near future.

 The CQC Inspector also suggested the following improvements:

  • Make sure appropriate sink taps are provided for hand washing – new taps to be purchased and fitted in the treatment room.
  • Review the booking of appointments in advance – following patient feedback we have recently returned to booking appointments up to six weeks in advance.
  • Ensure that patients’ conversations cannot be over heard in the reception area by patients queuing behind them – due to the building lay out this is not always possible but patients should be made aware that they can ask to speak to a member of staff in private if they prefer and where possible the arrangements will be made.
  • Ensure that patients who are also carers are identified for support to be offered as needed – The Practice will review their process for identifying and providing support for carers.
  • Ensure that staff who act as chaperones are trained to undertake the role – Arrangements will be made for non-clinical staff to undergo training and have DBS checks so they are appropriately trained to act as a chaperone.

 Although the CQC visit was a challenging experience for all involved and the overall rating was “requires improvement”, the Practice accepts the recommendations made by CQC and will ensure they are implemented quickly and effectively.  The Practice is also proud of the number of positive comments made throughout the full report and feel that they are reflective of the dedicated, hardworking team at Clanfield Surgery.



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