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Tree Planting Update

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 14th June 2017
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Tree Planting Update

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 Clanfield Online volunteers were busy this week clearing the ground around young trees in South Lane Meadow, Clanfield.  The trees, donated by Clanfield Online were planted in November 2016 as a thank you to the South Lane Meadow Trust for hosting last year’s Clanfield Challenge. It is important to suppress grass and other growth under newly planted trees so that their roots will benefit from rainfall rather than competing for water with any other vegetation. 

The five trees planted by Rumsey Garden; two red maples, a field maple, a small leaf-lime and a liquidambar have now sprung into leaf and should provide good autumn colour. They were planted in a rich compost and well mulched to protect and give them the best start. 

Clanfield Online paid for strong fencing to be erected to protect the trees in these early years and Branditright Ltd designed, made and donated the signs – Thank You Branditright!

Clanfield Online helping to make this village a more attractive place to live.


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Tree Planting Update

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