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Hampshire Police Alerts - Burglary at commercial premises in Horndean

  • Author: Hampshire Police
  • Published: 30th August 2017
  • Categories: News, Community & Volunteer, Hampshire

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Message sent by
Graeme Barbour (Police, Digital Communications Officer, Hampshire)

Message sent by
Darryl Hook (Police, PCSO, East Hampshire District)

 26/08/2017 13:00 - 29/08/2017 09:00 Unknown person/s have gained access to commercial premises on London Road, Horndean. A window was smashed by unknown means and offenders have reached through the hole and removed personal items.

Please read our advice below: 


• Check your insurance policy to see if there are any security requirements. Ensure you seek clarification from them if anything is not clear. 
 • You should treat any change to your business as an opportunity to review and improve security measures. This might include new or altered premises, new stock, new computer systems or changes in business practice.  Work with other local businesses, organisations and the police will help to maximize efforts to reduce and prevent crime.
• Train your staff to be vigilant and to report suspicious circumstances to the management and police.
• Keep written records of any suspicious circumstances including dates, times and descriptions. You could keep a copy of any CCTV footage you might have.
• Consider sharing suspicious activity with other local businesses.
• Make staff aware of any responsibilities they have in relation to security. i.e. ensuring others don’t follow them into private or staff areas, locking / opening up procedures, cash handling.
• Ensure staff are responsible for their own property, Handbags are locked in lockers, staff and stock areas are not left accessible by the public.
• Keep high value stock locked away outside of business hours.
• High value stock should be stored within an inner secure cage when not required, and ensure this is protected by additional security systems such as monitored alarms, beams or tremor alarms when premises are unoccupied.
• Bank your cash …don’t leave large amounts of money on the premises, consider leaving lights on, tills open and signs saying “no money left on premises”.
• Any money left on the premises should be kept in an insurance rated safe and installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines. 
• Ensure all egress and access points including fire escapes and windows are locked when the building is empty. All door and window locks should be to the relevant British Standard and approved by your insurance company.
• To protect any vulnerable windows consider fitting bars or shutters. (Exterior shutters or grilles may require planning consent from the local authority).
• For buildings where very high value stock or significant cash is kept, consider anti-ram bollards to protect vulnerable points around the building from ram raids.   
• Commercial premises should be fitted with a monitored alarm system which is “fit for purpose” in accordance to your insurance company and the value of its assets.
• Where appropriate, consider fitting forensic tagging sprays or fogging devises to alarms systems.
• CCTV can be an effect form of surveillance however, before purchasing ensure you detail your requirements from a system. I.e. what is the purpose of the system, what areas do you want to protect.
• Ensure CCTV systems are regularly serviced and periodically review the position of the cameras to ensure fixtures and fitting are not restricting the cameras view.
• Exterior lighting can assist a criminal break into the premises. Therefore only leave on if it assists neighbouring properties or passers-by to keep an eye on your property.
• Register assets, such as computers, tills, phone etc for free on this will assist the police in returning property to its rightful owner.
• Ensure company computers, tablets and phones are kept out of site from windows and kept in a locked room.
• Consider key safety – keys with tags detailing the room can assist a burglary. Number the keys and keep a list detailing their use separately.


Please ensure you are vigilant at all times, calling police to report any suspicious activity, not just around your own property but anything suspicious in your residential area and community. In an emergency use 999 or 101 for non-emergency. It is not too late to report any suspicious activity to police.

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