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Clanfield Community and Sports Centre - Statement - Clanfield Parish Council

  • Author: Clanfield Parish Council.
  • Published: 9th October 2017
  • Categories: News, Community & Volunteer, Hampshire


 Clanfield Community and Sports Centre


We refer to the report on the front page of last week’s Clanfield Post.


Clanfield Parish Council (CPC) has had to seek the support of EHDC to secure other options for the running of the new Community and Sports Centre.


 CPC has had no option but to take this route as Clanfield Parish Institute (CPI) indicated that it did not wish to sign a lease for occupation of the property and, despite numerous requests from CPC, has not provided a business plan and budget against which any on-going financial support from public funds could be justified and monitored.


CPC has not terminated discussions with CPI. If CPI should wish to return to the negotiating table, the door remains open.


In the meantime, discussions are progressing, through EHDC, to secure another operator.


CPC understands fully the need to have the new facilities open and in use as soon as possible and will continue to work with EHDC to this end.

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