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Spend those £££

  • Author: Editor
  • Published: 11th October 2017
  • Categories: News

Spend those £££

Author: Editor

There isn’t much time left to spend the ‘old round £1 coin.’  This is the time to search the house, check the back of the sofa and break open the piggy bank. 

From Monday 16 October the coins will no longer be legal tender, being replaced by the 12-sided coin version.  After that date you will have to change the coins at a bank or post office.

Your local shops will be delighted to welcome you and your pound coins – both old and new. Clanfield has a wide variety of shops and businesses that serve our community every day of the year.  They offer excellent customer service and great value. 

Spend your old pound coins before 16 October and Spend It Locally.



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