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Christmas Orders from Reeve Butchers

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  • Published: 30th November 2017
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Christmas Orders from Reeve Butchers

November has arrived, and customers are beginning to think about Christmas orders from Ron Reeve Family Butchers and Delicatessen.  Located in Drift Road and boasting the highest reputation, Reeves have customers who come from miles around for the best meat and delicatessen products in the area. They know that only the best is good enough, so meat and other products are carefully sourced and prepared to give their customers delicious food combined with value for money.

Ron Reeve Butchers are pleased to offer an online Christmas order form to save time for busy customers.   Orders can be made here:-

Find out more from their website or even better pop into the shop and try a nice joint this weekend to get you in the mood for the festive season!

You can choose from the following delicious meats on offer:

Poultry - Throughout the year we sell Free Range Chicken and Ducks & Duck Breasts sourced from renowned poultry farms, also Free-Range Geese at Christmas.

We offer an alternative with Barn Reared Chicken and as well as whole birds and the usual portions we also supply Stir Fry Chicken, Chicken Kiev, Fancy Legs, Chicken Royale, Chicken Cushion and many BBQ items.

We also roll our own Turkey Breast, and this is available throughout the year either as a roasting joint or steaks.

Beef - Produced locally & in Scotland and with traceability back to the farm where it was produced. We remove all connective tissue and hang it in excess of 2 weeks which improves flavour and tenderness. As well as traditional cuts our individual Beef Wellingtons are extremely popular, and we cater for larger sizes to order.

Pork - We sell locally produced Outdoor Pork. As well as usual roasting joints, chops & belly etc we also offer Pork Cushion, Pork Mince, Chinese Style Ribs, Pork Burgers with Apple and a large selection of pork sausages.

Lamb - We sell British Lamb sourced locally when available.

Usual cuts supplied but in addition: Lamb Mince, Lamb Cushion, Lamb Noisettes, Butterfly Leg, Lamb Shanks, Lamb Burgers, Minted Lamb Kebabs and Kofters.

Gammon, - We offer a selection of smoked and unsmoked Gammon joints and steaks, as well as smoked and unsmoked Bacon.

Game - We sell local wild rabbit, pheasants and venison from the Balmoral Estate and in addition Haggis.

Burgers - Lamb, Beef, Pork & Apple, Turkey and Beef & Cheese.

Sausages - Our sausages contain a very high meat content, are made with natural skins. The flavours and recipes we supply are Hot & Spicy, Garlic, Apple & Cider, Pork & Leek, H.S.B., Lamb & Mint, Ham & Tomato, Cumberland, Rudolph's Revenge, Low Fat Pork and Pork Gluten Free.

Fish - We receive frequent deliveries from a local market which we pack and freeze ourselves having available at most times smoked fish, Plaice, Cod, Haddock, Trout, Kippers, Prawns, Tuna, Mackerel and Coley amongst others.



More about Ron Reeve:-

Orders can be made here:-




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