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Clanfield Parish Council – New Website

  • Author: Clanfield Parish Council.
  • Published: 8th November 2017
  • Categories: News, Community & Volunteer, Hampshire

Clanfield Parish Council – New Website

Clanfield Parish Council is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the benefit of our community.

The Council represents and serves the whole community and we required a professionally designed website that would ensure clear and effective communication with the people of this parish.

The Parish Council is made up of a group of volunteers who, in their own time, use their skills and experience for the benefit of local people.  In their role as the first tier of government they are tasked with making complex decisions which affect local life in the village.  A website that informs, provides clarity and encourages involvement in the local democratic process is vital for our times.

The website is very new, so we ask for your patience as we continue to build and improve it over the next few months - please share the link with family, friends and neighbours.

 Clanfield Parish Council – serving the community.


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