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It’s Summer, Get Out and Play: Minimise their Screen Time

  • Author: Felisa Pham B.A. (psy), D.C.
  • Published: 1st June 2017
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It’s Summer, Get Out and Play: Minimise their Screen Time

Author: Felisa Pham B.A. (psy), D.C.



Nowadays even our children have tablets and smart phones, and they spend more and more time looking down at them. Spending too much time in front of a screen isn’t just a concern for adults with desk jobs, sedentary screen time impacts on children’s well-being too.

 According to a report by McMaster University Ontario, even a short amount of time spent in front of a screen, can have a negative impact on children’s health. Children aged between two – four years could be affected by less than an hour of screen time use per day. For young babies and toddlers it is even less!

 As you get older, two of the physical consequences of too much screen time are weight gain2,3 and aches and pains.4 However, the developmental consequences for children are a different story altogether: decreased cognitive and language development, reduced academic success, and even short-term memory and social skills are negatively impacted.5

 So this week, hop on a bike, pick up a book, or take a walk to your local park with your children. There’s lots to do locally in the countryside around Clanfield so get out and play!

 For recommendations on what activities are right for you and your children, you can ask your family chiropractor.  When your children have aches and pains from spending too much time in from of the screen, don’t ignore the symptoms, bring your children in for a spinal and posture check.


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