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June Garden by Julia’s Garden Care

  • Author: Julia Hoskins
  • Published: 5th June 2017
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June Garden by Julia’s Garden Care

 The garden is really starting to bloom this month with roses, in particular, putting on a good show. Remember to carefully dead head repeat flowering roses to direct strength back into the plant and encourage more blooms.

 Now the risk of frost has passed you can plant out any tender veg such as pumpkins and tomatoes; however, they are thirsty plants so don’t rely on rainfall alone to keep them growing so ensure that you water them well to keep the soil moist. Don’t forget to pinch out any side shoots on cordon tomatoes to concentrate the plant’s energy into one main stem, increasing the crop for you to enjoy.

 How about planting up some pots outside with some bright coloured annuals?  Petunias, Calibrachoas and Nemesias (tender perennials often grown as annuals) all put on a good show.

 Spring flowering shrubs, such as Forsythia or Philadelphus, can be pruned to keep them in shape now that they have finished their display for the year.

 Seeds to sow - now is the perfect time to sow biennials ready to produce flowers next spring or summer.  How about trying Hesperis matronalis (sweet rocket) or perhaps Campanula?  Both these plants will bring colour to your flowerbeds early next year and are perfect for bees.

 These are just a few ideas to get you started this month but if you want further assistance then Julia’s Garden Care will be able to offer make your garden bloom this summer.

Julia Hoskins


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