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Ducks' New Home - August Update

  • Author: Anne Cleaver - Clanfield Online Editor
  • Published: 10th August 2017
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Ducks New House: August Update

The Mallard family are all doing well in their new home on Clanfield Pond in Chalton Lane.  Nine sturdy ducklings, still under their mum’s watchful eye, appear to be healthy and content when I visited this afternoon. 

There is plenty of food and the water levels are still high after the recent downpours.  The pond looks beautiful at this time of year with tall, colourful water plants giving the ducklings and all the other creatures that call this spot their home, plenty of shade and protection.

Sadly, I must report that I picked up several pieces of litter that had been dropped within a few metres of the waste bin - lolly sticks and paper wrapping found underneath the bench overlooking the pond.  The ducks don’t need feeding but if you or your children do then put the rubbish in the bin!

The Mallard family are doing well.  Leave them to find their own food and enjoy a peaceful and litter free life in our village. 


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