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Professional Vs Supermarket Shampoo's

  • Author: Katie Summers
  • Published: 7th September 2017
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Professional Vs Supermarket Shampoo's

Katie Summers

Which shampoo and conditioner is best for me?


A very common question and one that should be discussed when visiting your hair stylist.


The most common ingredients of supermarket shampoo's are sulphates and silicone. The downside of these ingredients are that you may find they can cause your colour to fade much quicker than normal. Unfortunately the sulphates are a cheaper alternative and will therefore strip your colour.


Supermarket shampoo's and conditioners can leave your hair feeling lank and dull with an oily build-up/residue on the surface. The build up you may be experiencing is from the wax within these products. Again this a cheaper alternative to ensure you hair is left initially feeling soft and silky. The problem with these ingredients is you will find yourself needing to cleanse your hair more often. The other ingredient stated - silicone can also give the illusion the hair is shiny, silky and more manageable. Unfortunately what they don't highlight in these adverts, is the silicone is creating a plastic film over your hair not strengthening the core as it should, therefore these products are not designed to protect your hair from the environment, heated styling equipment, chemical processes etc.


With these factors in mind, you have to also consider if your hair condition is lank, weak, brittle etc it will struggle to withstand any colour change services and therefore will limit your hairdressers opportunities to change your hair. By maintaining healthy, stronger hair, this will support any services your hairdresser wishes to perform on you.


The main reasons why you may find yourself purchasing these products from supermarkets is for pure convenience whilst doing your weekly supermarket sweep. You may find these products appear remarkably cheaper, however you need to ask yourself ... "How often am I purchasing the '2 for £8' shampoo and conditioner?"

The average price of a L'Oréal Professionnel Shampoo and Conditioner will range between £25-£30. You can expect this product to last you 2-3 months depending on how often you cleanse your hair and the amount of hair you have. Your stylist will advise the most effective way to use these products based on your hair and scalp needs.


The next question you may wish to know is ... My hairdresser is selling L'Oréal ... surely I can buy L'Oréal in the supermarket? ... You will notice all professional products will state 'Professional/Professionnel' after the name of the brand. This will reassure you these products contain the finest ingredients leaving you with the best results possible.


So next time you come and see us at Penfold & Summers, don't be afraid to ask any questions you have regarding concerns for your hair or scalp.


Katie xx 

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