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  • Author: Sophie Brenton at The Salon
  • Published: 7th November 2017
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 As the festive season approaches Sophie Brenton manager of The Salon in Clanfield offers a few tips on how to use hairstyling equipment effectively.  She comments that “we all would like to achieve the looks of the beauty and hair pages in the fashion magazines.  However, sometimes a little extra help is needed…”

 Curls and Waves

 Get the look - scrunch in a mousse, memory holding or smoothing gel to dry and a spritz of hair or salt spray to finish.

 Film and television stars are embracing the wave sensation this season. Large barreled tongs or wands produce a head of tumbling Hollywood-worthy waves; whilst thin pencil or chopstick style of tong will create bouncing ringlets.

 Particularly effective on natural curly or kinky hair, straighteners are a great way to generate super shiny frizz free waves. Using round-barreled irons, slide down the hair for long lasting beautiful coils.

 Smooth and Sleek

 Get the look - use a smoothing lotion with heat protector to dry and a serum to finish.

 A super smooth result is easier to achieve when the hair has been dried correctly. The high-speed airflow setting should be used, along with the essential nozzle on the dryer. Section off the hair and dry from the nape, working up in sections through the head.  The nozzle should always be directed downwards to help keep the style fluff free.

 Glide your straighteners over each section of hair. Don’t over heat the straighteners or repeatedly slide the irons over the same section of hair as this will damage the strands and ruin the look. Finish with a light serum or shine spray for a great glossy result.

 Volume and Texture

 Get the look - prep the hair by applying a volumising mousse and finish with strong hairspray.

 Using Velcro or heated rollers, any look can be reproduced from tight curls to loose waves. The size of the roller combined with the amount of hair placed on each roller will determine the end result; the curl will drop slightly as the day goes on but starlet style bounce and volume are guaranteed!

 It is fun to experiment with new ways to vary our looks and having disappeared after the ‘80’s, crimpers have finally made a comeback. Crimpers are an easy way to style - usually straight -  long hair so that it becomes wavy, often in a zig-zag fashion. It looks great left flowing, but also becomes an amazing base for surprisingly sophisticated hair ups.

 If you need more help to get that glamorous look then why not book an appointment at The Salon and let Sophie and her team advise you. 02392 594 694


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