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Fly tipping on our streets

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 4th December 2017
  • Categories: Blog, Clanfield

Walking around the village this morning about midday I came across a pile of cardboard boxes and wrappers from children’s toys, dumped in Chalton Lane, close to the pond.  The cardboard was dry and close together, so I don’t think it had been there for long.  It looked like someone had just opened their car door and thrown the litter onto the pavement. 

The words ‘infuriated and downright angry’ simply don’t do justice to how I felt about whoever had decided it was a great idea to dump their litter in our village and just drive away.  I am hopeful it was someone who was passing through and doesn’t live in Clanfield – we don’t need neighbours like this in the village.

I managed to pick everything up and took it to the nearest litter bins.  If you saw a middle-aged lady jumping up and down on cardboard boxes today, then it was me!

I tend to think of fly-tipping as being building rubble, sofas and fridges but although this was a smaller amount it was still unsightly and potentially unsafe for pedestrians and road users.  Yes, there is litter in Clanfield, but we can all do our bit to keep our area tidy and our village a beautiful place to live. And if you know who has dumped this rubbish, don’t hesitate to contact the police or EHDC.



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