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  • Author: Sophie Brenton at The Salon
  • Published: 7th December 2017
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Long hair, whether worn loose and flowing or put up in a sophisticated chignon, must always be in tiptop condition to project a sense of chic stylishness.  While the time between trims can sometimes be extended, the care given to long locks should never be ignored.  Hair grows, on average, 1cm a month and, as we age, the hair becomes generally weaker; therefore, good maintenance means less split ends, less problems and better appearance.

When choosing your hair care products look for strength and moisturising properties such as the L’Oreal Serie-Expert Inforcer range.  To achieve optimum results, use the corresponding conditioner or masque.  When shampooing, apply the product to wet hair, massage into the scalp, then gently move the shampoo down the hair lengths.  Be gentle with the mid lengths and ends, as any extra rubbing will cause the hair to knot.

Conditioner or masque should then be applied to the mid lengths and ends.  Using a wide toothed comb carefully detangle the hair, work from the tips of the hair toward the scalp.  Hair is extremely fragile when wet and if it is put under stress can easily break.  Leave the product on for a few minutes before rinsing.  Use a toweling hair turban to absorb most of the water, and again- no rubbing!  Before drying it is essential to use products to help seal and protect your hair, especially if using heated appliances.  The hair can be finished with Mythic Oil serum to add shine and polish, and the style held with a spritz of Elnett.

It is always a good idea to have regular in-Salon conditioning treatments, then follow up with the complimentary products to maintain the shine and repair.

With all the different looks that can be achieved with long hair ask your stylist for a demonstration on how to use your dryer, brushes and electrical appliances to achieve that Salon style.  Not only can your stylist advise you on the best products to keep your hair looking its best, you could also book in for a blow-drying master class to ensure you look your best for every occasion. 

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