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Spring Lambs born at Butser Ancient Farm

  • Author: Rachel Bingham
  • Published: 6th March 2018
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Spring Lambs born at Butser Ancient Farm

The team at Butser Ancient Farm arrived to a flurry of excitement on Monday morning after the first lambs of the season were born over the weekend. Two sets of twin boys made their debut into the world, timing it just right to avoid the ‘Beast from the East’ and the plunging temperatures of last week. All are doing well with the curious lambs exploring their new environment already. After the recent cold snap, we’re delighted to be witnessing a real sign of spring on our doorstep! 

The sheep at Butser are a rare Iron Age breed called Manx Loaghtan.  Originally from the Isle of Man, they have distinctive mousy brown colouring and a striking horned appearance – with up to 6 horns each when fully grown! Manx Loaghtan are designated as ‘at risk’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust; in the 1950s there were only 43 surviving specimens and although this has increased in recent years there are still fewer than 1,500 registered breeding females in the UK. Most of our ewes at Butser are also pregnant so we are delighted to be helping this rare breed animal to thrive and grow. 

Now is a great time to visit Butser and see the turning of the seasons and blossoming of new life as we welcome in the warmer spring days. Current opening times are Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm and from April the farm is open seven days a week. 

For a chance to celebrate the turning of the seasons why not join us for our Beltain Festival on Saturday 5 May to enjoy local ales, food and entertainment before the burning of the great Wickerman? Tickets are on sale now. 

More about Butser Farm here:-

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