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Clanfield Nursery School

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  • Published: 4th September 2018
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Clanfield Nursery School

 The new school year starts this week at Clanfield Nursery School with a well-planned curriculum for the children to enjoy.  Joann Baker and her dedicated team will be welcoming new and returning pupils at the start of term on Wednesday 5 September.

There is bound to be excitement and apprehension for both children and parents this week, but with years of experience to call on, Jo and the CNS team will ensure the start of term will be a calm and happy time as their pupils settle in to their new routine.  The staff at Clanfield Nursery School, which has been in operation for over 40 years, builds a personal relationship with each family, helping the children takes their first steps toward independence and learn to share experiences in a larger group.   

The theme for this term is ‘where I live’ and the CNS children will be exploring what home means through creative play, construction, recognition and stories.  

 They will be investigating different types of homes and where people live. This term the children will be:

 -       making houses using a variety of craft materials

-       drawing and painting their houses

-       learning colours and shapes

-       recognising numbers

-       sorting animals

-       cooking delicious sweet and savoury treats

-       dressing up

-       sharing stories about why our homes are important.

 There are still places available for your child at Clanfield Nursery School this school year. Contact them for a visit and a chat.  023 9264 5805

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