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Clanfield Naval Officer at Invictus Games

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 23rd October 2018
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Clanfield Naval Officer at Invictus Games

 Clanfield residents have an extra reason for watching the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia and cheering on the competitors. 

 Lt. Commander Emma McCormick, a local resident of our village, is recovering from a leg injury and taking part in the athletics, powerlifting and sailing events. 


Emma McCormick

Lieutenant Commander Emma McCormick, originally from the West Midlands, lives in Clanfield, Hampshire. Emma’s recovery from a freak accident has been prolonged. The Invictus Games is her chance to get back to the person she was before injury and inspire others. “Somewhere in all that noise I’ve lost ‘Emma’. I’m an officer, but I’ve forgotten how to walk tall and don’t want to hang my head or go red when people look at my brace.” But now, the 36-year-old Naval Officer has turned a corner. “Gone is the woman that refused to take part in team sports for fear of someone touching her leg. Gone is the woman that couldn’t look at or touch her own leg. I only managed to free myself of these shackles when I started to undertake sport. It is being around serving personnel and veterans that is keeping me on track. “I want to inspire others that are going through the medical board process, to show them that discharge doesn’t have to be an inevitability. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and with the help of Invictus I can complete this journey.”

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Clanfield Naval Officer at Invictus Games

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