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Improve health and flexibility with Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic

  • Author: Daniel Ebrey - Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic
  • Published: 29th November 2018
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Improve health and flexibility with Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic

Clanfield Chiropractic clinic is a local clinic dedicated to helping the community live and function at their full potential. Our two fully qualified Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Pham and Dr Ebrey promote long term physical and mental health by educating patients about their lifestyle choices and ways to build resistance to injury and pain in the future.

 Anyone of any age and physical state can benefit not only from chiropractic’s manual therapies, but also its education and advices. A previous patient, Mr. N. Shearer’s feedback outlined his transformation after experiencing chiropractic:

 “I had some aches and pains for a while and a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck, but it was not until someone pointed out that I was walking and standing with a tilt and a bit of a hunch that I thought I better get help. With chiropractic I learned that through the accumulation of bad habits and various things over the years, my posture and body shape had become misaligned, starting with my spine. I was in a real twist! However, chiropractic care has freed up my body, restored flexibility and given me back my overall health. I am continuing with chiropractic care, the exercises recommended, and am more aware of my body position and alignment. This has had an impact on all areas of my wellbeing and I want that to continue!”

 Most people know that chiropractic can help with various ailments leading to pain and discomfort, yet few know that chiropractic has the potential to improve how you function leading to a more vital and healthy lifestyle. This is at the centre of Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic's values.

 Find out more how chiropractic can benefit you. Call the Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic to book a chiropractic consultation and examination and receive £10 off the normal fee.

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Improve health and flexibility with Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic

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