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Local shops open - whatever the weather

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 26th February 2018
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Local shops open - whatever the weather

The forecast looks grim this week.  Siberian weather, “Beast from the East,” is hitting the whole country with sub-zero temperatures and snow showers.  

Hampshire County Council have gritting teams on standby 24/7; salt bins have been filled and volunteer farmers are on call to help. Don’t forget to check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours to ensure they stay safe and warm. The advice for those planning to travel:  ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, pack warm clothing and have a charged mobile phone.

In January 2010, snow closed the A3 stranding up to 1,000 drivers in their vehicles overnight.  I was one of the last motorists to make it home to Clanfield that night before the roads closed.  It was a very frightening experience driving in ‘white-out’ conditions, with the car sliding and skidding on treacherous slopes.  I had to abandon my car about 100 metres from the house as there was no way I was going to make it back to the driveway.  I was very grateful that I had my car serviced at Hilltop Garage just a week before the snow hit, it made all the difference.

What I remember of the next few days was how the village reacted to the snowy conditions. Driving was dangerous, so it seemed as if everyone was out walking. Neighbours helped each other to clear pavements and side roads, rescuing abandoned cars – including mine.  Children enjoyed building snowmen, throwing snowballs and sledging everywhere.  We checked that neighbours were safe, and everyone stopped to chat in the street. The snow brought the community together. 

The local shops were crowded with those wanting to buy bread, milk, meat and veg to get them through the next few days.  Shopkeepers rose to the challenge to serve their customers although it wasn’t easy to deal with a large influx of people all wanting the same items; however, they shared out what stock they had and somehow obtained more supplies, although with those road conditions it was close to a miracle they managed that.  I was one of those grateful customers who bought essential supplies without having to risk life and limb driving to a supermarket several miles away.  If you were expecting a food delivery, then you would be waiting a very long time!

For newer residents who have only known Clanfield in good weather I managed to find some photographs of 2010 – yes, we have had snow in the South Downs. 


Local shops and businesses are owned and staffed by local people like yourself; use them regularly so that they will always be there for you when you need them - whatever the weather.



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