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Signs of spring

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 9th March 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Signs of spring

Was it just a week ago that we were in the depths of wintry weather, icy winds cutting through every layer of clothing and snow heading our way?  Did you rush out to stock up on soup, bread and chocolate in an effort to fend off the ‘Beast from the East’?  My store cupboard is now packed with Broccoli, French Onion and Curried Parsnip soups – I think I’m going to grow quite bored of these flavours in the next few weeks.  Sadly, the bread and chocolate have been eaten as the weighing scales at Slimming World in the Memorial Hall have shown this morning. 

The good news is that spring is on its way at last and don’t just take my word for it - the frogs in my pond have confirmed the news. After the first clump of frogspawn was laid over two weeks the frogs suddenly disappeared from the pond; they must have known that bad weather was on the way.  The water froze solid for several days but once the thaw arrived the pond became full of frogs once more. The second large blob of frogspawn appeared last night and I’m expecting several more over the next few days.  Did you know that the collective noun for frogs is an army?  Well, I don’t know if I’ve got that many, but it seems like it.

Before the snow set in there were primroses in the woods showing off their bright yellow petals and I feared they might have died in the cold conditions, but I found them on a walk today as colourful as ever.      

A blackbird singing in my garden at dusk and again this morning to welcome the dawn shows that winter is finally receding.  Such beautiful and uplifting sounds to brighten any day.  We also have a pair of bold robins who are always on the lookout for food; they will chase off sparrows to get to the birdfeeders first so I’m constantly popping down to Nigel the Greengrocer for more supplies.  

A couple of shy blue tits are currently inspecting the garden for suitable nest sites.  Like us, they want to find a place they can call home to raise their children in peace.  I hope they choose to stay, I’d like to have them as neighbours and welcome them to the place I call home. 

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