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Spring Challenge

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 20th March 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Spring Challenge

Earlier this month I wrote about the onset of spring; I was looking forward to warmer days, nesting birds and seasonal flowers.  On reflection this blog may have been somewhat premature?  I had even started to think about putting away my winter coat, gloves and hat in preparation for warmer weather – big mistake!

British weather; love or hate the uncertainty of the seasons, it teaches us to always be prepared for whatever is coming our way.  So, hoping that I don’t jinx the weather again, it is time to think ahead to the warm and pleasant month of May and the Clanfield Challenge.

I checked the Clanfield Challenge website this morning and there are only 60 days to go until this event.  If you are reading this blog later in the week then you have even less time to sign up for this amazing run.  With 1,000 places on offer and open to any age from tiny tots to young at heart pensioner, this is the Challenge you cannot miss.  Just visualise yourself crossing the finishing line with the applause of spectators ringing in your ears; think about receiving a medal and enjoying the moment when hard work and determination helped you to achieve a personal goal.

Want to run but really don’t know where to start?  This is where the Clanfield Joggers can help you.  They are putting on a Couch Potato to 5K running course starting on Wednesday 21 March.  Clanfield Joggers, a friendly and experienced running group, will guide you to achieve your personal best in the Challenge and beyond.

The Clanfield Challenge is celebrating its third year. The run has always sold out weeks before the event, so don’t miss out and book your place today.  

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