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Clanfield Clean Up

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 31st March 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Clanfield Clean Up 

Did you see the photographs posted on Facebook from the local litter pick last Sunday?  Clanfield and Horndean volunteers collected 42 bags of discarded rubbish from roadsides, hedgerows and pathways in our two villages. Armed with pickers, bags and gloves the volunteers spread out to clear up some of the ‘hot-spots’ in the local area.

I was part of the team allocated to Green Lane and the Clanfield end of London Road.  At first glance Green Lane looked fairly clear, but on closer inspection there was plenty to collect from the hedgerow alongside the road.  Cans, bottles, plastic packaging and a large number of discarded cigarette packets were retrieved. We couldn’t clear everything we found as the undergrowth and fencing proved too much of a barrier, however we filled two large bags of litter between Chalton Lane and Warburton Way.  We also noticed there were at least five highways signs that had been left beside the road. These have been reported to HCC and we will continue to check that they are collected.

The next job was London Road, from Hilltop Garage to where the road becomes a cycle path.  Again, the pavement side of the road was fairly clear but there was plenty to do along the green verge and in the hedgerow.  Of course, much of the litter seen high up in the hedge appears to come from the A3 but the rest must be local – the same mix of cans, bottles and packaging – another 3 bags collected.  If the deposit scheme on these items were already in place, then I would have been in profit after 2 hours of litter picking!   

Sadly, we also found fly-tipping of large plastic containers along this road. This incident has been reported to EHDC.

The Clanfield and Horndean litter pickers will be meeting next on Sunday 22 April at 09.30 at the far end of Morrisons Carpark.  For more information please contact



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