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Clanfield in Flower

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 10th June 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Clanfield in Flower

 Clanfield Online volunteers were busy this week digging in flowering plants to bring colour to Drift Road and Green Lane this summer season.  The original 4 hand-built wooden street planters have now increased to 6 and all paid for by Clanfield Online business funding.     

 Chairman of Clanfield Online, Nigel Hadwen, organised the ‘plant-in’ with the assistance of volunteer Russell Cleaver and Jennie Shaw of Sew Made for You in Drift Road. Together with other local shopkeepers, Jennie is delighted to benefit from the colourful planters in the shopping area “we’ve received many positive comments – the flowers bring a smile to customer’s faces” she said.

 Nigel Hadwen, who is the driving force behind the planter project, encouraged residents and businesses to embrace a spirit of community involvement that will benefit the village. “Local shopkeepers, members of Clanfield Online, wanted to improve the appearance of the area and instead of complaining and waiting for someone to do it for us, we took the initiative and got on with the job ourselves.”  Nigel also mentioned that plans are in place for the festive season, “we hope to have even more Christmas trees lighting up the village this December and the new planters will give us this opportunity.”

 Clanfield Online are now working with the Clanfield Gardening Club who are helping to tend the flowerbed beside the roundabout in Drift Road and they are funding other small community planter projects. Clanfield Online is a not-for-profit community website with business members paying a modest annual fee to join the website; all funds remaining after essential costs are paid, will be used for community projects.


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