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Clanfield Voluntary Care Group - lending a helping hand

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 12th June 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Clanfield Voluntary Care Group - lending a helping hand

 Clanfield Voluntary Care Group (CVCG) have been giving assistance to the residents of Clanfield and North Horndean for over 40 years.  We help to keep elderly and vulnerable residents independent and living in their own homes and we are recruiting new volunteers and would love to hear from you if you are able to offer a few hours a month. Our running costs are met by voluntary donations and with your assistance the CVCG will continue to provide care for the members of the Clanfield Community.  Ring 0800 011 4842 to talk to the duty co-ordinator.   

 What does a CVCG volunteer do?

  • Drive clients to medical and healthcare appointments, local hairdressers, shops and libraries
  • Shopping for housebound clients who have mobility problems
  • Provide company for housebound clients or cover for carers for a couple of hours
  • Short-term pet help e.g. dog walking

 A client’s thoughts on being part of CVCG

 I have needed the terrific assistance that is provided by CVCG for over a year now.  Without their help in moving me around I have no doubt my circumstances would be far worse than they currently are.

I am not able to walk more than 15 metres without a rest and since neither my wife or I drive, and the ambulance services are not available, a reliable source of transport is needed.

There have been many occasions when the CVCG volunteer has driven me to QA Hospital in Cosham or other hospitals.  The volunteer driver finds a wheelchair and pushes me to the departments where I need to be.

 A volunteer driver’s thoughts on being part of CVCG 

When I retired I decided I’d like to fit some voluntary work and a friend suggested the Clanfield Voluntary Care Group.  It looked like an opportunity to get involved in village life and, importantly for me, it was not too much of a commitment of my time.

I have met some lovely people and I can easily fit it in around the other activities which have taken over my life post-retirement.

The Duty Coordinators are aware of which days and times I am available for driving and I have control over how much or little I do. In fact, I am only called on every couple of weeks at most – it might be for a local run to the surgery or dentist’s or perhaps taking someone down to QA for an appointment.

It is lovely to meet some of the older villagers and to feel part of the community.

The Clanfield Voluntary Care Group want to hear from you if you can spare just a few hours a month to help others in our community.


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