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Flowerbed heaven for bees

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 4th September 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Flowerbed heaven for bees

 If you were up early on Sunday morning you would have seen Clanfield Online volunteers cutting back hedges and weeding the flowerbed at the Drift Road roundabout. Rain over the past few weeks has provided relief to the parched ground and the plants have put on a growth spurt.

First job on the list was to cut back the hedging on the roundabout.  For some unknown reason this circle of land does not appear on any HCC maintenance contract and, until 4 years ago, had become overgrown and neglected.  Clanfield Online volunteered to keep the roundabout looking neat and tidy using a hedge trimmer and other equipment bought from website funds provided by our business community: rather than just grumble about a problem we decided to do something about it and since 2014 we’ve continued to do this work on a regular basis.  

The next task was to weed the flowerbed on the grassy verge beside the Co-op, but we immediately ran into a problem.  In early July, Clanfield Gardening Club planted up the flowerbed for the website, providing a colourful display of geraniums and other plants for this key spot.  However, Borage plants have now taken root in the fertile soil and are crowding out other plants.  The distinctive blue flowers are much loved by bees and other insects - they were buzzing all around the plants on Sunday.  We were in a dilemma; should we clear this bed now or leave it for the bees to enjoy for the next few weeks?  The bees won the battle!  We did some very gentle weeding, removing unwanted plants and deadheading where necessary to encourage new growth - the bees and the borage were left in peace.

We are pleased to report that, in the last few weeks, another flowerbed has been planted outside the South Downs Funeral Home. Julia’s Garden Care prepared the ground and planted a variety of herbs that offers a pretty display.  By next year these plants will have grown and become another home for wildlife.  

Clanfield Online hopes that other groups and businesses might consider planting up their own bit of land or container?  Let’s bring more colour to Clanfield. 



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