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C4N U R3AD TH15?

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 12th September 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

C4N U R3AD TH15?

 South Coast Opticians in the Highcroft Industrial Estate are reporting significant increase in appointment bookings following the news that Hampshire Police will be conducting roadside eyesight tests on motorists. If you can read a registration plate from 20 metres (65ft) – the minimum distance demanded by the DVLA - then you are probably fine; motorists who fail the eyesight test will have their licence revoked.

 Hampshire Police are urging all road users to have their eyes tested regularly and have produced a video asking C4N U R3AD TH15?

 The law requires us to keep our vehicles in a roadworthy condition to keep ourselves and others safe; faulty brakes, lights or tyres can cause accidents.  If you think that your car needs an expert assessment, then contact Hilltop Garage where you will receive excellent service by an experienced team.

 Drivers should also be in a safe condition on the road; you should not drive if you are over the alcohol limit, overtired or holding a mobile phone.  Somehow, our ability to see clearly on the road has, until now, taken a back seat.  The problem is that eyesight problems can creep up slowly and you adjust to the ‘new normal’ almost without noticing. For many drivers the last time their eyesight was checked was at their driving test – how many years ago was that for you? 

 Don’t take a chance - get your eyes checked and stay safe on the road.  Contact South Coast Opticians on 023 9259 9411



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