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St James Place Cycle Track

  • Author: Clanfield Online Outdoor Correspondent (and famous one handed typer)
  • Published: 27th September 2018
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

St James Place Cycle Track

Have you seen what is happening in the fields above the new housing development at St James Place?

Behind the houses of St James Place the contractors are close to finishing a surfaced cycle track that will start from beside the new Bowling Green and progress towards the A3. Here it will link to the existing main Sustrans Cycle route which runs alongside the dual carriageway. When completed, these paths will join to enable Clanfield cyclists and walkers to follow their own rustic route to Butser Hill avoiding major roads.

At present, a wooden fence exists at the junctions between the new cycle track and the A3 cycle route to prevent public access to the landscaping work whilst it continues on-site. For additional works are also occurring near the bowling green to construct further paths and a new children’s play area with large wooden climbing frames. So, slowly but surely, it seems we are edging closer towards obtaining new outdoor, leisure facilities that everyone in Clanfield can explore. 


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