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Autumn Colour in Clanfield

  • Author: Clanfield Online Outdoor Correspondent (you've got to hand it to him)
  • Published: 7th October 2018
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Autumn Colour in Clanfield                                                               

 Following the hot summer, the sunshine continues in October - which makes it easier to notice that in the street trees and hedgerows, the leaves are starting to turn red and yellow.

Autumn colours are at their height near the end of the month, but even now in local gardens and streets certain trees are showing their true colours.

Note the best colouring shrubs in the hedgerow along the London Road are the native Dogwoods and Guelder Rose, the latter glows with brilliant red berries.  And there is a magnificent Liquidambar in a garden along Drift Rd. An exotic tree famous for its autumn colour.

 Whilst in Glamorgan Road, Catherington, several Caucasian Maples dominate the scene. These are rare as street trees – they grow too big for most roads, but here their crowns look a picture.

Often, the variety of trees found in suburban gardens and streets is remarkably diverse, and it’s no different in Clanfield. But we also have the promise of yet more colour to come - once the beech forest beside the A3 at Queen Elizabeth Country Park turns golden brown.

 So, get out when the sun shines and enjoy the autumn colours as they improve over the next few weeks.


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