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Walk of the Week - Occasional walking blog

  • Author: The single handed walker.
  • Published: 23rd October 2018
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Walk of the Week - Occasional walking blog

The first in a series of occasional blogs featuring local walks.

 Ideally, a good walk is not long, say 3 miles, is easy to follow and takes you over a variety of terrain offering good views.  So, this is a tall order for giving you any good walks on your own doorstep; but the following route does, I think, meet most of the above criteria – and it also offers you a short cut, for those not willing to go very far.  It starts with a steep walk uphill but get over the first half mile and you’ll find the rest will be a doddle – it goes downhill and then flattens out. And the biggest advantage is, once you’ve climbed the hill, you’ll find yourself walking out in open countryside, that’s when you realise you are in the South Downs National Park. So, happy rambling!

 Around the Observatory: 3 miles (or 1.5 miles, using a short cut)

 Starting point: the edge of Clanfield at the junction of Hambledon Road and Hinton Manor Lane, about 1 mile from the Clanfield Online roundabout in the centre of the village.

 Start by walking up Hinton Manor Lane towards Clanfield Observatory.    Note that some 300m from this start, you will pass a Public Bridleway on your right, which is one end of the short cut that can halve your circular walk.  But for now, ignore this diversion, continue uphill, for as you pass the Observatory you will obtain splendid views to your left of Clanfield sitting amongst the downland hills – literally, one of the high points of this walk.

Further along the lane, beyond an isolated house, find a fingerpost on your right and take this footpath.  It heads across a field of young vines and towards a hedgerow. Go into it as it drops down, amongst trees, then leads out into a large field which offers fine views to your left.  Keep on your right all the way downhill and enjoy the fine scenery here as you descend to a junction of footpaths and bridleway.  Here, your path continues ahead on the footpath, but note, if you need it, here is the start of the short-cut, you can turn right here and follow the narrow bridleway back to Hinton Manor Lane.

However, back on the main walk, you climb over a stile and continue ahead on the footpath until you reach Hambledon Lane at a junction of farm lanes.  Here, cross the road and continue up the access lane opposite, signed Lime Kiln Cottage.  But note, you don’t reach this cottage, as when the access road turns sharp left, you must leave it and proceed ahead, through a large metal gate and towards a cluster of farm barns.  Your route then takes you through these barns and bears right over the fields towards farm cottages and another junction of paths.  At this point you turn right onto a green lane, where you head south along this pleasant wooded byway all the way back to the start.



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