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Clanfield Parish Council Election Statement

  • Author: Terry Collins: Clanfield Parish Council Chair
  • Published: 25th April 2019
  • Categories: News, Community & Volunteer, Hampshire

Clanfield Parish Council Election Statement

Author: Terry Collins: Clanfield Parish Council Chair

 In the Clanfield Post edition dated, April 17th, under the headline ‘Guide to town and parish candidates’ on page 20, it was reported that Clanfield Parish Council has 12 council seats and that there are 13 candidates seeking election. This is incorrect.  There are in fact only 10 council seats and 11 candidates seeking election.

 The article gave each candidate an opportunity to provide a short summary of the reasons why they were seeking election to the Parish Council. Only one candidate confirmed their membership of a political party.

 The Parish Council have received some enquiries regarding the other candidates for election as Parish Councillors in Clanfield and which, if any, political party they may or may not be representing in the Local Elections to be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

The current Parish Councillors in office who are seeking re-election have adopted a non-political platform preferring to work in the Community for the Community and on behalf of the Community, without any political bias. That is the context in which they are offering themselves for election - therefore, all the current Parish Councillors standing for re-election are considered to be Independent candidates. However, that does not mean any candidate who does represent a political party would be at any disadvantage as a Councillor.

You can find out more about your Parish Council by visiting the Parish web site,,  here you will find information about your current Parish Councillors, the activities they are involved with, details of meetings, minutes of previous meetings and much more information on what’s happening in your community.

 The Parish Council holds a public meeting every month, except August and January, details and dates of the meetings are published on the Parish website. Why not join us at our next meeting which is on Tuesday May 14th commencing at 7.00pm in the Blue Room at Clanfield Memorial Hall on South Lane in Clanfield.

 Terry Collins


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