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Clanfield Parish Council - NEW PARISH COUNCIL CHAIRMAN

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  • Published: 21st May 2019
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John Bannell is the new Chairman of Clanfield Parish Council. He was unanimously elected to the position by his fellow Councillors at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 14 May.


John is a Chartered Surveyor (now retired from professional practice after a career as both a property consultant and a planning consultant) and he is also a published children’s author. Since joining the Parish Council in December 2016, he has led the Council’s work in acquiring the new community facilities at Windmill View and St James Place and, also, the acquisition of Down Farm Barn. 


Speaking immediately after his election, Councillor Bannell paid tribute to his predecessor, Councillor Terry Collins, who he described as “an outstanding Chairman”, adding:


“Terry has successfully guided us through an enormous workload and many challenges, always with good humour and always, most importantly, with an eye firmly on the big picture - a mark of true leadership - and with the interests of the whole community in mind”.


Councillor Collins was elected Vice-Chairman for the current year. Councillor Margaret White continues as Chairman of the Planning Committee, Councillor Brian Foster is Chairman of the Council’s Finance and General Purposes Working Group and Councillor Rosemary Clarke is Chairman of the Down Farm Barn Working Group. Councillor Bannell, himself, will chair a new Property Management Working Group.


On the year ahead, Councillor Bannell said:


“Whilst there are still a few months to go before all the land transfers will be completed, we can now look forward to the day when all that will be behind us. I believe that, this year, we have a golden opportunity.


“The opportunity is to put Community, Health and Wellbeing and Sport at the centre of our agenda to promote awareness of what our village has to offer for its residents, to maximise participation, to encourage co-operation between the various stakeholders and to help to create a sense of belonging to a strong and mutually supportive community with a common purpose. That’s the opportunity that I hope we will grasp and take forward.”


Further Enquiries:

Mrs Diane Duffy, Clerk to the Parish Council

02392 596353

21 May 2019


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