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East Hampshire - Don’t lose your vote

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  • Published: 9th September 2019
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Don’t lose your vote

Residents in East Hampshire risk losing their right to vote if they don’t keep their registration details up to date.

East Hampshire District Council is sending electoral forms to households around the district now.

The Household Enquiry Form (HEF) is delivered annually to more than 53,000 households around the district, with a large proportion hand-delivered by the council’s team of 39 canvassers.

It allows East Hampshire District Council to keep the electoral register up to date. It is not a registration form, but it is important to respond to it.

Once they have responded to the HEF, new residents needing to register can do so at or they can request a registration form.

All households are legally required to respond to the HEF. And the council is required by law to send reminder letters and pay visits to households that don’t - which is time-consuming and expensive. Last year this cost the taxpayer £15,000.

Households that fail to respond to the HEF could also be removed from the electoral register, preventing them from voting in future elections.

It takes just a few minutes to respond online at, following the three-step process below.

You can also complete the form by phone, text message or post. Go to for more information.


Media Contact: Will Parsons, EHDC Communications Officer, 01730 234030


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