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East Hampshire - Bin Update

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  • Published: 8th October 2019
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How it’s BIN going…

The first week of the contract (which started on Monday 30 September) has seen Norse South East collect waste, recycling, glass and garden waste bins from across the district.

The Norse South East crews are still getting used to the new rounds, vehicles and technology, so please bear with them.

Missed bins

If your bin has been missed, please report it online through your MyEHDC account.

If the bin you have reported isn’t collected within the next three days (72 hours) please call customer services on 01730 234295 and they can check the status of your report.

Please report your bin as missed by 4pm on the next working day after your scheduled collection. Reports after this time will be accepted until Monday 28 October.

Reporting bins as missed is key to us knowing how our new contract is going for you. You are our eyes in the 199 square miles that the district covers.

Different collection times

Please leave your bin out for 7am on your scheduled collection day.

The new rounds may mean your bin is collected earlier (or later) in the day than during the previous contract.

Addresses not in the online system

A few customers have contacted us to say they have been unable to find their address on the online missed bin reporting system.

If you are unable to find your address in the online reporting system, please call 01730 234295 during office hours and talk to customer services.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition to the new contract.

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