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Clanfield Online welcomes K9 Klass Dog Training

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 9th November 2019
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Clanfield Online welcomes K9 Klass Dog Training as a new Business Member.

K9 Klass Dog Training offers classes, based at Clanfield Memorial Hall, teaching skills and behaviours to your dog that will enrich your lives together. K9 Klass wants to emphasise how important it is to have fun with your dog whilst building strong bonds and promoting responsible ownership. Classes, held both indoors and out, range from puppy training to advanced levels, with specialist workshops offered.   Whatever choice of training you decide for your dog, you can be assured that K9 Klass have the knowledge and qualifications to meet your needs. 

Clanfield Online is a not-for-profit website, managed by volunteers and funded by local business members who pay an annual fee of £96.00.  We offer free community membership to local, not-for-profit, organisations celebrating their work and advertising events. We fund village projects and groups from local business contributions, building a stronger community for all. 

Clanfield Online hopes that your will support local businesses and community groups, as they support your village.

Clanfield Online wishes K9 Klass Dog Training every success for the future. 

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Clanfield Online welcomes K9 Klass Dog Training

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