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2019 Resolution – love your village

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 9th January 2019
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

2019 Resolution – love your village

New Year resolutions, forged in the warm glow of the festive season, are tricky promises to keep in the grey, dark days of January and February.

My resolution list includes food (less of) and exercise (more of) with a few random extras thrown in: 1. empty the ironing basket: 2. read more books: 3. sign up for a class at the Community Centre!  Some of these aims are going to take a while to complete and, in the case of dieting and exercise, a lifetime. You might have set your own list of goals for 2019 – how about an extra one to add to the list?

Love Your Village in 2019

If this village is the place you call home, how about giving back a little care and love.  Here’s a few ideas to start with.

Support village businesses: many business owners live locally and employ local people. They give excellent service, take extra care of vulnerable customers and stay open whatever the weather.  Clanfield Online businesses paid for the village Christmas trees, sourced sustainable shopping bags, planted flowerbeds and much more – show your appreciation and spend a little extra with them in 2019. Clanfield Businesses

Support the community: together with businesses our community organisations are the glue that binds the village together.  They offer learning, skills, support and friendship to young, old, families and those in need. Volunteers are always needed and support for their fundraising – offer a helping hand in 2019. Clanfield Community

Beautiful village: food packaging on roadsides, cans and plastic in hedgerows and dog poo bags left on footpaths: take pride in your village and bin the rubbish, don’t chuck it.  Next date of monthly litter-pick. Clanfield Online Events

Sustainable village growth: village development has increased in the past few years so check the local planning applications and make your comments count. EHDC Planning

Why not celebrate the start of 2019 with a purchase of the Clanfield Shopping Bag?  All proceeds will be used for village projects. Clanfield Shopping Bag


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2019 Resolution – love your village

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