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Focus on Matt Hill at Clanfield Sports and Community Centre

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 23rd January 2019
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Focus on Matt Hill at Clanfield Sports and Community Centre

Anyone passing the new Clanfield Sports and Community Centre will realise how popular it has become in such a brief time.  The free carpark is well used and the numbers getting involved in sports, dance or leisure classes on offer are increasing daily. Of course, some of us may just visit to enjoy their coffee and delicious food!

I visited the Centre recently and chatted to Matt Hill, the Activities Coordinator, about his background, sports experience and his plans for 2019.   

Matt joined the Clanfield Sports and Community Centre in early December and was racing around from his first day, meeting the team and trustees, finding his way around and organising sporting and leisure opportunities.

Are you from Hampshire?  No, I was brought up in High Wycombe where my dad was the local butcher in a close-knit community: Clanfield with its local shops reminded me of home when I applied for this job.  I know Hampshire quite well though, as I received my BSc Hons degree in Sports Development from the University of Portsmouth; got involved in the Great South Run, coached local football teams and worked at Active8 Minds in Emsworth, helping children of all ages to enjoy sports.

What’s your favourite sport? The answer must be football.  I’ve always loved the game ever since I was a little kid.  But I enjoy all sorts of other sports as well – badminton, short tennis, table tennis, netball and a lot more besides.  I’m keen to get local people to just have a go at a sport.

Who is your sporting hero and why? Can I have two choices?  Number one must be Gianfranco Zola: a really nice guy, who always worked hard and was a genius on the pitch. Second choice but really joint first - John Terry for his loyalty, leadership and dedication.

So, you are a Chelsea supporter then?  How did you guess…

What’s are you offering at CSCC?  I’ve started up a Walking Football team that is going really well – always room for a few more!  It’s great to see a group of players return to a sport they love but find the regular game a little too fast.  Table Tennis, netball and badminton are also very popular choices for villagers - we are doing our best to meet demand.  Check out our website and Facebook page for the latest information or come in and talk to us about what you want to try at CSCC.

All I know is that 2019 is going to be a very busy year!

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Focus on Matt Hill at Clanfield Sports and Community Centre

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