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Happy Birthday Clanfield Online

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 6th March 2019
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Clanfield Online is celebrating its 5th birthday this spring. 

 In early 2014 the website went live with just a few news and events on the front page. The creation of Clanfield Online was the brainchild of a few local businesses who wanted to improve communications within the village, and to support local community projects.

 Clanfield Online is not a commercial operation; it is managed by a small group of volunteers who raise funds for the benefit of the village. The website has grown steadily with Business members each paying an annual fee of £96.00 whilst Community members receive a free service.    

 Despite our modest start, within a year our website and social media figures grew dramatically – and this has continued year on year.  Since 2014: 405,000 pages have been viewed by 64,000 visitors; we have over 1,700 Facebook and 430 Twitter followers.

 What we have achieved in the last 5 years:

  • Written and shared hundreds of blogs, news and events about local people, organisations and businesses and answered frequent enquiries from across the UK and abroad
  • Organised social events to bring business and community groups together
  • Constructed wooden planters in Drift Road filling them with colour throughout the seasons
  • Established Christmas in Clanfield decorations: trees, lights, baubles in 2017 and 2018 – now planning for 2019
  • Purchased 500 hessian Clanfield Shopping Bags: all proceeds going to local projects
  • Negotiated with HCC to repaint all traditional village signposts and we paid for 2 of them
  • Negotiated with DW Homes to give Petersgate School free access to garden services and Clanfield Pre-school free painting and decorating supplies
  • Planted and fenced 5 trees for autumn colour in South Lane Meadow
  • Created the Clanfield Co-op flowerbed; we continue funding this project, now maintained by Clanfield Gardening Club
  • Drift Road roundabout – nobody cared for it, until we decided to maintain it ourselves
  • Donating money for gardening supplies to Clanfield Junior School
  • Donated small grants to local community organisations
  • Continued support and promotion for the Clanfield Challenge
  • Continued support for the Clanfield Celebrations traditional fete
  • Continued support for the Clanfield & Horndean Litter Pick
  • Working with Clanfield Parish Council, EHDC, HCC, Police to share information effectively

 Clanfield Online would like to thank everyone for their support over the last 5 years – it has been an exciting journey so far and we look forward attracting yet more website users and completing more projects in the future.

 Happy Birthday Clanfield Online!                                                               


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Happy Birthday Clanfield Online

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