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Walk of the Week - BLUEBELL WALKS

  • Author: Amble Wobbler
  • Published: 3rd April 2019
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Walk of the Week - BLUEBELL WALKS


Occasional series of local walks: No 3


April is the month to see bluebells in flower.

Just north of Clanfield is a wood you can walk through to enjoy the sight of carpets of bluebells. If you’ve never walked in woods during bluebell time you don’t know what you’ve missed.

In spring, before the leaves on the trees open, sunlight allows wild flowers to blossom and we get a rapid succession of colourful blooms. Firstly, the yellow celandine and primroses open, followed by the white, wood anemones and finally, most spectacularly, all the bluebells flower. So, if you visit the woods NOW you should see most of these species in bloom virtually together. Although the primroses will be going over, you might see an odd white bluebell, or even an early-purple orchid.

On the map I’ve shown three ways to access the woods:

a short walk, limited parking beside the wood in North Lane 

a medium walk, about 3 miles, which in addition enables you to walk up to the South Downs Way and enjoy the views

a long walk, 4 miles or more, from the centre of Clanfield and back, which takes you beside another wood which also displays a profusion of bluebells.

Bluebell Wood has a variety of tracks: 2 public footpaths cross the lower part of the wood, a third goes north to the South Downs Way, whilst another crosses to a farm shown on the map. Please keep to the paths, don’t walk on the wild flowers and of course, don’t pick any – it is an offence to pick wild flowers.


Enjoy your rambling!


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