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Chiropractic gardening tips to keep you fit

  • Author: Daniel Ebrey – Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic
  • Published: 23rd April 2019
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Chiropractic gardening tips to keep you fit   

The days are growing longer, the temperature is rising, and our gardens are waking up.  However, before you throw yourself into the full force of the gardening season you need to check if you are ‘match-fit’.  Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic based in South Lane, treat many clients who have damaged their musculoskeletal system as a result of gardening injuries. Chiropractic methods are commonly used to treat injuries, but it can also be used to prevent the occurrence of injury by improving body function, strengthening weak muscles and patient health education.

 Clanfield Chiropractic Clinic want you to stay well this summer: here are a few tips to help -

  1. Warm up first: Gardening is like any other exercise, start with a few stretches. Lighter tasks first before tackling the heavy jobs.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement and ensure footwear is fit for purpose. Use a kneeling pad rather than bending too far to reach the ground.  
  3. Check your gardening equipment is up to the job. Poorly maintained tools put more strain through your hand, wrist and arms. Give your tool shed a MOT before you start work.
  4. Lifting: keep a straight back and bend using your knees; avoid bending and twisting your back simultaneously.
  5. Keep your task close and directly in front of you: avoid twisting or overstretching.
  6. Buy smaller bags of compost, sand or manure - they are easier and safer to carry.
  7. Vary your activity: limit of 20-30 minutes on any one job; avoid overstressing your body and stay hydrated – stop for a rest and a cuppa!


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