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May Blossom in Clanfield

  • Author: Amble Wobbler
  • Published: 3rd May 2019
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May Blossom in Clanfield

Spring blossom is at its peak in May.  This is the month to walk around Clanfield to enjoy seeing the variety of trees and shrubs in flower.  Although by now flowering cherries and apples are past their best, hawthorns and horse chestnuts are in full bloom.  Indeed, many people refer to hawthorn as May blossom, as they may not know it by any other name.

Hawthorns of course are a native species and as such they fill many of our hedgerows and road verges in flower.  However, Horse Chestnuts, originally from the Balkans, and many of the other flowering trees in our streets are non-native.  Trees in Clanfield currently to be seen in full leaf or flower include laburnum, maples, rowan, whitebeam, as well a real rarity, the Foxglove tree Paulownia tomentosa.

For, due to our national heritage of plant collection and gardening, almost every suburb in the land boasts a surprising plant diversity derived from around the world.  And right now, many of them are in flower.  Whilst even our less floristic trees are boasting new, fresh green leaves.  So, every hue from yellow to dark green and purple, is on display along every street you walk.  Even along the A3 you can see the slopes of Butser Hill clad with dark green yew trees punctuated by the pale shades of whitebeam.

Enjoy the colours while you can, for only a month or so later the green leaves lose their freshness and become a more uniform green; whilst the purple leaves of copper beeches and other species become dull, darker and altogether more sombre.  Fortunately, in June, we have other sights to savour; most wild flowers are in bloom in the chalk grasslands of Butser Hill and Old Winchester Hill.

 But that a is a story set for later date…...



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