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Grand job

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 7th July 2019
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Grand job

Clanfield Online volunteers were busy, last Sunday morning, cutting back the foliage on the roundabout on Drift Road, watering the flowerbed and picking up litter outside the shops and along the grass verges.  This website, which is funded by local businesses, have been keeping the roundabout and surrounding areas looking neat and tidy for the past 5 years. 

The litter collectors were pleased to report that there wasn’t too much rubbish to be cleared last weekend: however, there were ‘hot-spots’ of discarded cigarette butts. A plea from a volunteer “Could smokers please dispose of their butts in the rubbish bins – they’re a nightmare to collect with a handheld litter-pick!” 

The volunteers received thanks, smiles and ‘thumbs up’ from the public last Sunday morning. Their response was summed up by a passing local resident who commented, “Grand job!”



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Grand job

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