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Say No to the Mower!

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 16th July 2019
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Say No to the Mower!      

Last month, my husband and I returned from holiday to find our back garden had been transformed into a wildflower ‘meadow’ filled with birds, butterflies and bees.

 The usual trim lawn now boasted tall grasses, white clover, purple self-heal and blue speedwell, amongst many others.   It wasn’t totally unexpected, as we stopped mowing the grass a few months ago to see the effect on the garden and the local wildlife. The decision to keep the mower in the shed came after years of deliberately neglecting odd corners in the garden, resulting in an influx of violets, cowslips and ox-eye daisies - a colourful show for insects in the spring. 

 However, it’s the large number of bees and birds that have attracted to our ‘summer meadow’ that has been so stunning. We’ve always planted with wildlife in mind: thyme, chives, lavender, bellflower and hardy geraniums are top of the list to attract insects, but the meadow has turned the garden into a private wildlife park.  We are fascinated by the myriad of flies and the bees - honey, solitary and bumble – busily foraging for food. As for the birds; sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and robins noisily search through the tall grass for insects and seeds and are occasionally joined by finches or a sparrow hawk might drop in to ‘grab a lunch’!  

 Our garden has been transformed by allowing wildflowers to have a small plot to grow. I will miss the colour and life it brings at the end of this season – but there’s still next year to look forward to. #nomowzone

 I’ve taken a few photos of my garden, but they don’t really do justice to the colour and sound of our little meadow. I am indebted to Martin White-Moore who has kindly sent Clanfield Online some great photos of bees enjoying the poppies in his garden. Cheers Martin!    

 If you need some ideas about making your garden wildflower and wildlife friendly, then watch the latest episode of Gardener’s World on the BBC iPlayer.



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Say No to the Mower!

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