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Clanfield Parish Council - Clanfield Public Art Project meeting Monday 17 February

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  • Published: 4th February 2020
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Clanfield Public Art Project meeting Monday 17 February

“The Clanfield Tapestry” may well come to fruition this year!

That is the message from the Steering Group following the successful launch of the Clanfield Public Art Project on 24th January. The current aim is to complete funding applications by the end of March with a view to implementation in the summer of this year.

“The Clanfield Tapestry” is the working title that has been given to Phase 1 of the overall project. It is envisaged that this will be an open-air art gallery depicting the history, the setting and the environment of the villages of Clanfield and Chalton using a range of art forms - all to be created by the community working with professional artists.

Liz Weston, Director of Making Space, who is advising Clanfield Parish Council and East Hampshire District Council on the project, says:

“The next step is to decide what to include in “The Clanfield Tapestry” and what art forms we will use. With this in mind, we are holding a meeting of all interested parties at the Peel Park pavilion on Monday 17th February at 3.30 pm. All who are interested in this part of the project are welcome to attend.”

For those people who were not able to attend the launch meeting, an expression of interest form, which does not entail making a commitment, is attached. Completed forms can be sent to the dedicated email address which Clanfield Parish Council have set up for the project:

Clanfield Public Art Project Individual expression of interest form



Clanfield Public Art Project: Individual expression of interest form

Please note, this is just to gauge people’s interest. By filling in this form you are not committing

yourself to anything, we will contact you when we have more information.


Brief description of yourself and interests/abilities /age

Telephone number

Email address

Are you happy to be contacted by Making Space and our project partners (East Hampshire District Council and Clanfield Parish Council) about this project?

Are you happy to be contacted by Making Space about other events and activities that we hope you might be interested in?

By email?

By phone?

By email?

By phone?

What art forms are you interested in?

What part of the project do you think you might want to be involved in?

How many sessions do you think you would be interested in attending?

Would you be interested in working with a group ?

Do you have an idea of when you would prefer to be involved in the project?









Are you interested in joining the Steering Group?

Can you offer a space/room for the project?

Would you be interested in carrying on with activities for the project after the workshop with the artist?

Are you interested in taking part in a celebration & launch event at the end of the project?

Would you like to volunteer on this project/can you help to attract volunteers?

Are there any other activities which you can offer for free which you feel compliments this project?

In what way can you help to spread the word about this project?

Telling people

Distributing leaflets

Using social media








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