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Clanfield Greengrocer & Florist - plenty of stock.

  • Author: Clanfield Greengrocer & Florist
  • Published: 24th March 2020
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Clanfield Greengrocer & Florist - plenty of stock.

Plenty of stock at Nigel's shop

And don't forget ....

Today we went live successfully with our ordering facility; please wait to be contacted before you collect unless you are totally on a deadline then please contact us.

The shop number is 023 9259 3149. We will undertake to man this line as best we can.

Since the PM broadcast I fully expect us to take many orders, please bear with us, I feel sure we will cope somehow!

To those who wish to shop with us in person, then at the moment that is ok.

We will now only allow one customer (sorry no couples) at a time into the shop and you will be served by a staff member. Please no children in the shop.

Please make a list as best you can, before you come along, of course we will have other things to try and tempt you and to make life a little more fun!

If you have any symptoms or are isolating, please STAY AWAY and use our ordering service. We will still bring it to the car for you.

As from Thursday I hope to have news of a delivery service but that will initially (probably) be provided only to the elderly and vulnerable, via the Clanfield Corona Virus Support Group.

We can only continue to serve as long as I and my amazing staff stay well.  Please help us to help you.


More information here:-[0]=68.ARAFwQ6T2jDo4-KeH8Ac6G8_7Ohtbfi3GdjAJKlZneOX0IGI5Fi5gfOKI8rhynBgMIKMEpYtN2tstTE6K5xRVSGc6TF-_AJZixE6vwDxFFTYUDvCTwMRvcjgbPT0g5vf4z_zLlddzPYhiAW_Oa0S59itxLNxPa_rleG-WEsCap5e3S7h9PtjYoZzKTiXXkOm_6odzE7k9z70dUQBQ7tTACUd9z-64u8HxFOO2iJm79XG2WlYft5WtieTJ7Mhd8bywIWEoe2mi861IZe8ErYoo5iWy1Y_EgX-YXTZ8BEtfm1IFHFFTH4WXPXdADLRpDSM7pdOhiBsegFxf_XsYHlSN9ge1g

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Clanfield Greengrocer & Florist - plenty of stock.

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