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East Hampshire - community grants carry the fight against coronavirus

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  • Published: 2nd April 2020
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News release EHDC

EHDC community grants carry the fight against coronavirus

East Hampshire District Council has made money available for the fight against coronavirus as it launches its annual grant schemes.

The council’s Supporting Communities Fund and its Councillor Grant Fund, launched on Wednesday 1 April, have both been adapted to make funding available to groups affected by coronavirus.

Cllr Julie Butler, East Hampshire District Council Deputy Leader, said the council had to adapt the grants to focus on the current crisis.

“Coronavirus has hit every aspect of society and it will take time and effort to recover,” she said.

“One of the key players in our work to get through this, and in the re-building work to come, will be our ground-level community groups. We have already seen the huge groundswell of good will from local people who have volunteered to help out in their community.

“That is why we have amended our normal grant schemes to make money available for groups to claim help either during the outbreak, or in the aftermath.”

Through EHDC’s Councillor Grant Fund each councillor is traditionally allocated £4,500 to give to local community projects. This year £1,000 has been taken from each councillor’s budget, a total of £43,000, and will be retained for supporting the council’s response against coronavirus.

Cllr Butler said: “Our priority is helping those people not in a position to help themselves. It is important we are able to cover the cost of delivering vital support, services and supplies to those residents and it is for this reason that we have agreed to keep back £1,000 from each councillor's grant fund allocation to pay for emergency funding.”

Councillors will have £2,500 each to spend in their community as they wish and £1,000 to put towards environmental projects in their area.

The fight against coronavirus will also be supported through the Supporting Communities Fund, which can now be used to support the recovery of residents from coronavirus.

In 2019 EHDC dedicated £1 million to the Supporting Communities Fund, to be split over three years. Community groups can apply to the fund for a three-year funding agreement or for up to £25,000 for a one-off project.

Previously the grants were available for two purposes:

  • Supporting positive mental health in residents, in particular young people
  • Reducing social isolation in residents, in particular older people

Now a third priority, grants to support the recovery from coronavirus, has been added.

For more information on the grants and how to apply, go to:


Media contact: Will Parsons, EHDC Communications Officer, 01730 234030


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