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Clanfield Gardening Club help with summer replanting

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 2nd June 2020
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Clanfield Gardening Club help with summer replanting

Clanfield Gardening Club and Clanfield Online volunteers were busy on Saturday afternoon replanting the community flower containers in Drift Road.

The planting team would have preferred cool, damp conditions but the weather forecast was not in their favour. So, braving scorching temperatures the volunteers cleared the containers, soaked the compost, and replanted for the summer season. The containers now hold colourful geraniums and begonias, sourced by Nigel Hadwen our local greengrocer. The team would like to thank Nigel and Charlie Cumbers of Clanfield Trade Centre who also provided buckets and watering cans to ensure the plants had a good start.

We will keep an eye on the containers, replanting as necessary to ensure that our local shopping area looks as attractive as possible. Local businesses have offered to water the containers daily, during this hot spell of weather. However, if any resident wants to help with this job, then please offer to support these local businesses, who have been working particularly hard over the past few weeks.

Clanfield Online pay for the plants in the spring, summer, and autumn and then Christmas trees in December, through subscriptions from their business members. The website would like to thank Clanfield Gardening Club who not only manage the flowerbed on Clanfield Co-op land but have now helped with the community planters in Drift Road. Please show them your support by following them on Facebook:

Business and community groups working together for the well-being of the village.

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Clanfield Gardening Club help with summer replanting

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