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Clanfield Parish Council action on anti-social behaviour at Peel Park

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  • Published: 4th June 2020
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Clanfield Parish Council action on anti-social behaviour at Peel Park

At its meeting on Tuesday evening, Clanfield Parish Council received a report on the recent anti-social behaviour at Peel Park and agreed on measures to address the problem which has been well-publicised online during the last week or two.

During the course of the debate, Members heard about large gatherings of young people not observing social distancing, extensive litter including evidence of significant alcohol and nitrous oxide use, broken glass and pizza delivery packaging.

In response and following consultation with the Police, the Council agreed that the car park should be closed and locked at 7.30 pm each evening from next Wednesday, 10th June until further notice. It was also agreed that the Council should endeavour to organise some properly structured and tutored activities at the skateboard park during the Summer, subject to the availability of qualified trainers and Government Covid-19 restrictions permitting,

Commenting on the situation, Parish Council Chairman, John Bannell, said:

“Whilst I appreciate that these problems are symptomatic of what has been happening across the country in the last week or two, we felt that we had to take immediate action before anything more serious occurred.

“It is evident that quite a few of the young people, and a lot of the items that end up as litter, have been arriving by car. That is why closing the car park during the evenings at a time which would not deter family visits to the park was seen as a constructive measure. However, we don’t want to be just negative. A large part of our future programme is about opportunities for young people which is why, if we can, we would like to organise something for them during this Summer as we did very successfully last year.”

The Parish Council does have CCTV at Peel Park.

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