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Clanfield Parish Council is reaching out to the community

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  • Published: 11th June 2020
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Clanfield Parish Council is reaching out to the community

At its May and June meetings, Clanfield Parish Council has taken significant steps towards implementing the community-based strategy which it has been developing during the past year and which was outlined in the Chairman’s recently-published Annual Report - > Parish Council > Chairman’s Annual Reports > 2020 Report.

At the Council’s Annual Meeting on 12th May, a new Community Working Group was established to guide the development of specific projects which will focus on three main themes - opportunities for young people, the environment and public art.

And, on 2nd June, the Council declared a Climate Emergency which has given the new Community Working Group a mandate to address important issues around the environment, transport and energy in the village.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the public to become actively involved in helping to shape the future” said Laurent Coffre, Chairman of the new Working Group. “Up to five non-Councillors can join us on the Working Group and anyone interested should contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance on . Our first meeting, which will be online, will be at about the end of June.

“I am very proud to be leading such a forward-looking agenda. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how the village can come together and it is certain that tomorrow’s world will require new and inventive ways to work in unison to meet future challenges; we want to do this together and it gives us much to look forward to as the lockdown eases.”

The projects that are already in the pipeline include setting up a Youth Council to give a voice to the young people of the village and the first step of the four-phase Clanfield Public Art Project, which was launched in January, is prepared and ready to be submitted for funding support.

Parish Council Chairman, John Bannell, added:

“This is all about building and maintaining a strong village community which uses the facilities which the Council has for the benefit of current and future residents. It is open to people of all ages to contribute and that definitely includes our young people. They are the future and many of the projects - particularly in relation to the environment - will be on topics of interest to them.”

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