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Windmill Hill footpath dispute

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 17th August 2020
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Windmill Hill footpath dispute

A dispute over a popular right of way on Windmill Hill, overlooking Clanfield and Chalton, has been causing concern to local walkers for several weeks.

The owner of the Windmill has erected signs stating that no public right of way exists along the private road in front of his property. Hampshire County Council and Ordnance Survey maps show, quite clearly, there is a designated footpath route past his iconic building.

Sadly, this situation has now escalated, as the path in front of the Windmill has been blocked by a large waste skip, branches, and undergrowth. Walkers now have to find a way around the blockage to continue their journey. HCC footpath signage have also been removed on several occasions, causing further confusion. Happily, a path warden has painted bright yellow footpath arrows as a temporary measure, on fence posts and gates, to keep walkers from straying from the correct path.

HCC Countryside website states that “Public rights of way are paths and tracks over which all members of the public have a right of passage. It is a criminal offence to prevent the public exercising these rights.” Clanfield Online is aware that HCC Rights of Way team have been working hard on trying to resolve this situation and we hope you will continue to enjoy our local footpaths. Please report any rights of way concerns to

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Windmill Hill footpath dispute

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